Finding Your Way
in the 
Second Half of Life
The "second half of life" is not an age but a way of seeing life.  When meaning is more important than ambition and authenticity is more vital than approval this work is ready for you.If you have lived enough that you can learn from your own life experiences to create the life that is true for you, you are ready for this work.
There comes a time in the middle of life when what was once important, true, satisfying and fulfilling is no longer enough.  When meaning is more important than ambition, when authenticity is worth more than approval, when what you long for has more value than money.  When the terrain ahead begins to feel unfamiliar and calls to be explored. When there is no way back and no way out but to go through.

 In this there is an invitation to unfold and enter deeper into knowing and to find where the intimacy of your heart touches the world.  It is an invitation to find your own unique way in the second half of life after following the ways that have been laid for you by work, family, school, and society in the first half.

   Find your own unique way into the wisdom of the second half of life

Explore the gates of wisdom in a community finding their ways together

Access untapped wisdom through metaphor, movement, ritual, artistic exploration

Find your purpose and path with personalized guidance

Learn to access what you need and to trust yourself unconditionally

Learn to live what you know is true for you yet can't explain

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