Finding Your Way
in the 
Second Half of Life
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Throughout my professional career I have been helping others find their unique ways of learning and being.  As a special education teacher, then teacher educator and later as dean of education I worked in universities and schools in Connecticut, Utah Wyoming, Missouri and Minnesota with learners from 3 to 75.


After 30 years as an educator I left my career to follow the wisdom of my soul.   In the middle of the road of my life, I awoke in a dark wood, and the true way was wholly lost. (Dante)


For several years I journeyed deep into my soul, my purpose, my reason for being and emerged committed to guiding others on this journey into the mystery to actualize all aspects of oneself into an unshakably wise presence.


Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life

Grounded in the premise that each person has a unique path and purpose in life, I now coach/guide/mentor individuals to find new ways of knowing and living from deep inner wisdom.  I guide communities of baby boomers deep into the inner work that will open the gates of wisdom.  I collaborate to offer experiential events to open new ways of knowing that free us from the limiting beliefs we learned as we met the demands of our first adulthood.


I live in rural and urban Minnesota (Winona and the Twin Cities) actively designing and living my Second Half of Life and guiding others to do the same in their own unique and necessary ways.

Carol J. Anderson, PhD

Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life


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